Thursday, 7 January 2010


Blimey. What were they saying about global warming? More like global snowing!! At this rate I'll have to invest in a Yak or a snow mobile just to down the drive. The local shop is prospering very nicely as I watch the odd pedestrian trudging past with their reusable carrier bags in hand. All that was left was Steri milk last night! I'll even drink that if I'm desperate.

Joking aside, theres more snow forecast here for tomorrow, and the few inches we already have isn't really melting. It is worrying as to how our daily lives are suddenly lunged in to chaos at the hands of mother nature. And the weatherman says theres little chance of improvement until at least - mid Jan. The worst winter for 50 years they say, I'm considering this as I thumb through the 4 x 4 section of the Auto Trader. Like for many of us, my car is awful in the snow and my feet arn't much better. So turn up the fire, close the curtains and cocoon yourself.

I'm rather tempted to put the xmas tree back up the outside view is sooo festive lol.
I don't know about you, but I'm dredding the next gas bill !